For NORMA Group, 2023 was again driven by greater personal communications with existing and potential investors. The Management Board and the Investor Relations team once again increased their attendance at conferences and visited investors in Germany and abroad. In addition to providing continuous information on the company’s current performance, the medium-term growth and efficiency program “Step Up”, which was presented in May 2023, was discussed with capital market participants in the past fiscal year. With this action plan, NORMA Group aims to make its operating business even more efficient and productive and in doing so achieve further profitable growth in its three strategically important areas of “Water Management”, “Industry Applications” and “Mobility & New Energy”.

Numerous meetings and discussions were also held with investors to discuss how the company can best benefit from the megatrends of sustainability, environmental protection and electromobility. The core element here is that NORMA Group wants to align its product developments even more closely with customer needs and offer reliable, cost-efficient and resource-saving products and systems that meet current and future market requirements.


These contents are part of the Non-financial Group Report and were subject to a separate limited assurance examination.