The main activities of NORMA Group’s Research and Development department are described in detail in the  2022 ANNUAL REPORT.

In addition, the company continued to work on integrating its research and development areas in the first half of 2023 so that they can continue to support its strategic goals in the best possible way. This related to the definition of prioritized areas of activity, the evaluation of new ideas and the further integration of the Research and Development department into individual development processes.

Scouting and innovation projects on technologies, concepts for products, production techniques and materials were driven forward in key areas such as electromobility. The focus was also specifically placed on further increasing NORMA Group’s competitiveness by expanding the product portfolio and developing unique selling points.

The focus of research and development activities in the current reporting period generally remained unchanged on the topics of water management and electromobility as well as digitalization. The consideration of sustainability issues in the evaluation and orientation of new development activities was further increased. Examples of this are the inclusion of alternative & environmentally friendly materials and measures for CO2 reduction.


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