NORMA Group offers products and solutions for a wide variety of different industrial applications. Thanks to the unique combination of expertise in both metal and plastics processing and the broad diversification of its product portfolio, the company can offer its customers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to different problems from a single source. This sets the Group apart from competitors who predominantly specialize in individual product segments.

In the Engineered Joining Technology (EJT) segment, in particular the area of Fasten and Fluid, NORMA Group operates in a highly fragmented market in which numerous specialized industrial companies are active. In this environment, NORMA Group sees itself as a provider of customized, value-creating solutions that are geared to the specific needs of the customer and are the result of long-term development partnerships. NORMA Group distinguishes itself from its mostly regional competitors with its international business alignment and its cross-industry customer base, in particular. Thanks to its strong focus on innovation, NORMA Group offers its customers products that are particularly resistant to temperature and pressure as well as optimized in terms of weight and assembly time that distinguishes the company from its competitors.

A clear structural change has been taking place in NORMA Group’s traditional core business, the automotive industry, for a number of years. The company positioned itself in the field of electromobility at an early stage and is closely monitoring current developments and trends in order to be able to seize positioning opportunities immediately. NORMA Group has a broad product portfolio with customized products and system solutions for applications in electric and hybrid vehicles. For the most part, they are manufactured at its existing production facilities and on the same equipment on which the traditional products for gasoline and diesel vehicles are manufactured. Besides cooling systems for cars, trucks and charging infrastructure, these also include solutions for thermal management in batteries and media-carrying systems, fasteners and connectors for hydrogen vehicles.

In the much more standardized sales channel of Standardized Joining Technology (SJT), NORMA Group operates in mass markets and mainly competes with suppliers of comparable standardized products. It differentiates itself from them in particular through its well-established brands in the market, which are the result of a targeted brand policy geared to the regional needs of customers. Furthermore, customers appreciate the high quality of service NORMA Group offers. The company provides its trade customers with a comprehensive range of products in the areas of water management and general industrial applications that is geared toward end customer needs.


These contents are part of the Non-financial Group Report and were subject to a separate limited assurance examination.