Two complementary distribution channels

NORMA Group supplies its customers through two different sales channels:


Engineered Joining Technology – EJT: directly to OEMs




Standardized Joining Technology – SJT: via wholesalers and sales representatives


The two sales channels differ in terms of the degree of specification of the products, but overlap in production and development. This enables cost advantages and at the same time ensures reliable high quality.

The Engineered Joining Technology (EJT) segment includes sophisticated, individually customized joining technology and is particularly characterized by close development partnerships with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). NORMA Group’s central development departments and local resident engineers work together with the customer during multi-year project phases to develop solutions for specific industrial challenges. Thanks to the constant customer proximity in the area of EJT, NORMA Group’s resident engineers gain comprehensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the various challenges their end markets and customers face. As a result, they generate significant added value for customers and contribute to their economic success. Such development partnerships result in holistic product and system solutions that meet both customer demands for efficiency and performance and take aspects such as weight reduction and quick assembly times into account.

The EJT segment includes the strategic business units Mobility and New Energy. The Mobility sub-segment is in turn divided into the two end markets Light Vehicles (passenger cars) and Heavy Vehicles (commercial vehicles and construction machinery). The New Energy sub-segment brings together numerous applications for the sustainable energy industry, innovative solutions for electromobility and renewable energies, for example.

NORMA Group markets a broad range of high-quality, standardized branded products via its Standardized Joining Technology (SJT) segment, which comprises the two strategic business units Water Management and Industry Applications. This also includes various solutions in the areas of storm water management and landscape irrigation and joining components for water infrastructure solutions. In addition to its own global distribution network, the company also relies on sales representatives, distributors and importers as multipliers. NORMA Group’s customers include distributors, specialized wholesalers, OEM customers in the spare parts market, do-it-yourself (DIY) stores and applications in smaller industries. The brands ABA®, Breeze®, Clamp-All®, CONNECTORS®, FISH®, Gemi®, Kimplas®, NDS®, NORMA®, Raindrip®, R.G.RAY®, Serflex®, TRUSTLENE® and TORCA® represent technical expertise, high quality and delivery reliability and comply with the technical standards of the countries in which they are sold.

By combining expertise in the development of customized solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the area of EJT and the provision of high-quality standardized branded products via a global sales network (SJT), NORMA Group is not only able to achieve cross-selling effects, but also realizes numerous synergies in the areas of purchasing, production, logistics and sales. In addition, the Group benefits from significant economies of scale and scope due to the diversity of its product range and high volumes, which clearly sets it apart from its smaller and generally more specialized competitors.

The consistent alignment in the strategic business areas established in 2020 is intended to ensure an optimized focus on the respective end markets and customers with their specific requirements.


Product portfolio

NORMA Group’s products can basically be divided into three main product categories across all business segments based on the technology used in the manufacturing process: Fluid (fluid systems and connectors), Fasten (fastening clamps and joining elements made of metal) and Water (applications in the area of water management).

The Fluid products are single or multiple layer thermoplastic plug-in connectors and fluid systems which, due to their special nature, reduce assembly times, ensure the reliable flow of liquids or gases and occasionally replace conventional products such as elastomer hoses. NORMA Group’s fluid products are already being used in many thermal management systems in hybrid and electric vehicles.

The product group Fasten includes a wide range of clamp products and joining elements made of non-alloy steels or stainless steel and are mainly used to clamp and seal hoses as well as to affix metal and thermoplastic pipes.

The Water product portfolio includes solutions for applications in the fields of storm water management and landscape irrigation, but also joining components for infrastructure solutions in the area of water.

NORMA Group’s Engineered Joining Technology is used in all applications in which pipes, tubes and other systems need to be connected. Because joining technology is an important component in nearly all industries, NORMA Group serves many different end markets. Besides the automotive, commercial vehicle and aerospace industries, these include construction, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Other end markets include agriculture and the drinking water supply and irrigation industries. NORMA Group’s products are also used in the consumer products, such as home appliances, for example.

Although NORMA Group’s joining products account for a comparatively low value share in the customer’s end product, they are often mission-critical in use. Group-wide compliance with high quality standards and stringent quality management therefore play a crucial role for NORMA Group.  QUALITY MANAGEMENT. A strong brand strategy

geared toward regional growth targets and the claim to ensure first-class service quality and the availability of products at all times are also important success parameters. NORMA Group ensures this through its global sales network.


These contents are part of the Non-financial Group Report and were subject to a separate limited assurance examination.