NORMA Group SE is the ultimate parent company of NORMA Group. Its headquarters are located at 63477 Maintal, Edisonstrasse 4, in the vicinity of Frankfurt, Germany, and the company is registered in the commercial register of Hanau under the number HRB 94473. NORMA Group SE and its affiliated Group subsidiaries operate in the market as ‘NORMA Group’.

NORMA Group SE has been listed in the Prime Standard of Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s Regulated Market since April 8, 2011. For a detailed overview of NORMA Group SE shareholdings, please refer to the  APPENDIX TO THE NOTES: ‘VOTING RIGHTS’.

NORMA Group was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of Rasmussen GmbH and the ABA Group. Rasmussen was founded in 1949 as Rasmussen GmbH in Germany. It manufactured connecting and retaining elements as well as fluid conveying conduits such as monolayer and multilayer tubes and corrugated tubes. All products were marketed globally under the NORMA brand. ABA Group was founded in 1896 in Sweden. The Group has since developed into a leading multinational company specializing in the design and production of hose and pipe clamps, as well as connectors for many worldwide applications.

In past decades, NORMA Group has, driven by its successful acquisitions and continuous technological innovation with products and operations, developed into a Group of companies of global importance.

NORMA Group supplies its customers via two distribution channels:

Engineered Joining Technology – EJT: directly to OEMs

Standardized Joining Technology – SJT:

via retailers and sales representatives.

The two distribution channels differ in terms of the degree of specification of the products, while having intersections in production and development.

The area of EJT includes sophisticated, individually customized joining technology and is particularly characterized by close development partnerships with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). NORMA Group’s central development departments and resident engineers work together with the customer on developing solutions for specific industrial challenges. Due to the constant proximity to customers in the area of EJT, NORMA Group’s engineers gain comprehensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the various challenges faced by their end markets and customers.

Via its Standardized Joining Technology (SJT), which consists of the two strategic business areas Water Management and Industry Applications, NORMA Group markets a broad range of high-quality, standardized brand products. This also includes various products for stormwater management, irrigation and water infrastructure solutions. In addition to its own global distribution network, the company also relies on multipliers

such as sales representatives, retailers and importers. The brands ABA®, Breeze®, Clamp-All®, FISH®, Gemi®, Kimplas®, NDS®, NORMA®, Raindrip®, R.G.RAY®, Serflex®, TRUSTLENE®, CONNECTORS® and TORCA® represent technological know-how, high quality and reliability and meet the technical standards of the countries in which they are sold.


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